Farm Insurance in Burlington, IA, Macomb, IL, Oquawka, IL, Roseville, IL, and Surrounding Areas

Just as any business would need insurance to guard it against various natural and man-made risks, similarly, your farm business also needs farm insurance to protect it from any impending or unforeseen threats. To make sure your farm is secured and insured Doran Insurance and Service, Inc. brings to you various insurance programs. We are a full-service insurance agency operating since 1939. We make every customer our priority, so, our agents do thorough research to find you the lowest rates possible. They can even review your current policy to make sure you have the appropriate level of protection. We, at Doran Insurance, understand that the farm is both your home and business; therefore our dedicated team comes up with a policy that would cover all the dynamics and protect those whose livelihood depends on farming. We even have clauses that will protect your crops from any catastrophic events. We have offices in and around Aledo, IL, Burlington, IA, Macomb, IL, Oquawka, IL, Roseville, IL, and Stronghurst, IL.

Farm Insurance in Burlington, IA, Macomb, IL, Oquawka, IL, Roseville, ILBelow we have mentioned 3 types of coverage we provide in our farm insurance. Take a look.

  • Livestock Coverage

All the animals like dairy, beef and veal cattle, chicken, turkeys, and horses in your farm can be protected under either a blanket policy or individual ones. Most policies offer broad coverage for accidents caused by earthquake, tornado or fire. But some may extend to cover fatal injuries also.

  • Crop Coverage

Farm produce like harvested crops, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are the most valuable assets on your farm. In case severe weather conditions ruin your harvest, this policy will protect you. Even the pesticides and other common fertilizers are covered as they are equally important.

  • Equipment Coverage

A major part of farming depends on tractors and harvesters. This coverage protects your machinery and equipment from any damage caused by fire, theft or a third party. Hence, to ensure the smooth running of your business, we try to cover as many farm equipment as possible.

So, if you need any additional coverage, you can call us on (309) 924-1361.